Friday, June 28, 2013

Three States in One Day

 Our first night was spent at a bush camp halfway between Mildura (Vic) and renmark (Sth A.) We really enjoy the peace and quiet of camping out bush and our new camper makes it very easy to have a good night's sleep. We are completely self-sufficient and have solar panels for power. The second day of travel saw us going trhough three States in the day. We are traveling to the junctions where the States meet and tried to visit the junction between the States of Victoria, NSW and Sth Australia. The actual site is under dispute as the origianl surveryor was inaccurate in his measurements. Unfortunately we weren't able to find the small cairn as it is on private land.
From Renmark we took the back dirt roads to join the Silver Highway which runs from Wentworth to Broken Hill. We really enjoyed the trip and saw lots of emus, a fox, sheep, cattle and wild goats. We also stopped to test the water of some waterholes near the roadside. the water was very salty and not drinkable by the stock.
  Broken Hill was the stop for our second night and we spent today looking at the sights of Broken Hill and surrounding country.

Cheers, Jan Mac

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