Friday, June 28, 2013

Highlights of Broken Hill

 Today was really interesting as we firstly visited the Royal Flying Doctor's Service. It is the largest base in Australia and the area they service with health care is huge. After an interesting tour and film about the service we saw them working on servicing the planes.
  After lunch we visited one of Australia's most interesting bushmen- Jack Absalom. He's a very interesting man and has spent years in the outback painting the scenery. We had several of his DVD's about survival in the outback so we were thrilled to meet him at his gallery.
 Our afternoon was spent visiting Silverton which was settled in 1881. There are still many of the original buildings to see and it is a well-known place to film many movies set in deserts such as Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Mad Max.
 I also spent some time wandering around the cemetery and it was a very hard life in the early days with many gravestones for children. Apparently Thyphoid was common and many young men also died from mining accidents. Broken Hill is still a operating as a mine of silver, lead, and zinc and BHP was named after Broken Hill. They are still mining 2 km under the town. Tomorrow we are off on the next part of our trip to Corner Country and we won't have access to internet or hot showers for a few days so I'll check in when we are back in internet range.
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Cheers, Jan Mac


  1. Jan
    The blog is off to a great start. I shall read with interest. I have been keeping my travel blog since 2009 and find it really helps with remembering. Have a marvellous trip

  2. Great to read about your travels Jan, isn't this blog stuff an incredible thing!